bild victor ankarberg

Currently employed at Crackshell since june 2015, developing Serious Sam's Bogus Detour.
Has a bachelor degree in Media Technology.

Contact: victors.brev[at] | 0703 87 26 97

Södertörn University

Game Programme started in 2011 and had its first graduates in spring 2014. The main focus of the education is to get hands on experience on the work methodology of the industry. We work iteratively in small teams (4-8) and short projects (1-10 weeks) with agile and scrum. Mainly, we work in Unity 4, but we've had experience with Unreal Engine 4 as well.

Previous engagements

Swedish Game Awards 2015 - Art Director
Swedish Game Awards 2014 - Head of Public Relations / Tour manager
Swedish Game Awards 2013 - Tour volunteer

Thorneye HB - Partner

Previous work

National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools
- "Bliss, Bild, Ord" (Boardgame)- Graphic design
- "Fyra Faktaböcker om rymden" (Boardgame)- Graphic design